Pre-college summer enrichment programs for high school students

How to Apply

Admission is competitive. Wonderworks requires at least a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average (including the most recent fall semester) plus a high level of achievement in relevant core subjects, validated by commensurate scores on whatever nationally-administered standardized tests you may have taken, such as the PSAT or a comparable nationally administered and normed standardized test. Teacher and counselor recommendations are also important.

All admissions decisions are made on a need-blind basis. That means Wonderworks accepts students of special promise and ability regardless of whether or not they or their parents can afford to pay the tuition. All students who are accepted and demonstrate a need for financial aid are granted scholarships in the form of tuition waivers. In order to continue to ensure that no well-qualified student is prevented from participating in any of the Wonderworks summer programs because of inability to afford tuition, we provide tuition waivers only for students who need them. If you need financial assistance, please ask for it when you apply; if you don’t, don’t.

Students who will be entering grades 10, 11 and 12 next fall, or who will have just graduated from high school in the spring – and may or may not be entering college next fall – are eligible to apply.

Wonderworks primarily serves students in the Houston metropolitan area and does not provide supervision outside the classroom or field trips nor does it offer residential accommodations. Students from outside the Houston metropolitan area may apply, but parents should be aware that they must make appropriate arrangements for their student(s) to stay with relatives or friends of family.

If you wish to be considered for admission, download and fill out the student section of the application form for the program that interests you most. These forms are available as PDFs on this website.

Once you have filled out your section (and the financial aid part if you are going to need a tuition waiver), give the application form to a teacher or counselor who knows you well to complete the remaining sections. Your teacher or counselor should then mail it, together with an official transcript reflecting your grades for the most recent fall semester plus an unofficial copy of the full PSAT score report (or its equivalent) to:

PO Box 667550
Houston, Texas 77266-7550.

Students may apply to Wonderworks beginning in January of each year, once courses and grades for the most recent fall semester are reflected on transcripts and calculated as part of the cumulative grade point average. Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis, beginning in late February. Early applications are encouraged and early applicants will receive early decisions. To ensure full consideration, completed applications must be received no later than the date in early May specified in the application form. Applications received after that date will be considered only if space remains available.

Wonderworks Summer 2017 is made possible in part by support from:
Houston Endowment
The Elkins Foundation
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
and the Houston Architecture Center Foundation.