Pre-college summer enrichment programs for high school students

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This is my second time in the program. It’s an amazing experience that anyone would enjoy. You get to learn so much about architecture. Each project is different and the way you get your head full of ideas is cool. I think what people love the most would have to be the field trips. You get to visit new places, new buildings and old buildings. You see so many things.

Kimberly Aguilar, Carl Wunsche Senior High School

I had never done any architecture before, so now I know what it’s like. I think it’s important to explore career options so that one knows what to study in college. I enjoyed this program and it was a good balance between lectures, studio time, and field trips. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in architecture or anyone looking for a career option, regardless of their experience in architecture.

Madeline Folkens, Bellaire High School


It has always been fun watching movies but now I’ve had a chance to learn how movie is made and not just to watch movies but analyze them shot by shot. Now I know about operating cameras, sounds, and editing programs, which I did not know before. It has been an amazing and fun experience. I wish everyone could have the same opportunity.

Norberto Cruz, Lee High School

I had a really wonderful time at WonderWorks Moving Pictures Program. I had the privilege to meet extraordinary people and learn from my peers. The workshop not only helped me learn new and exciting things but also enlightened me on the difficulty of filmaking. I have found a new respect for filmmakers and everyone that is involved in the strenuous process. Thank you for an experience I will never forget and i hope to see you all next year.

Lauren Robinson, Carnegie Vanguard High School


Stranger Than Fiction showed me how much I want to pursue a career in journalism. During the course of this class, I was able to interact with other people with interests similar to mine, and was exposed to movies based on events that sparked incredible discussions in class. Not only did this class teach me techniques to use in my writing, but it also broadened my mind to topics not always spoken about. If I had to choose again, I would most definitely choose Stranger Than Fiction again!

Paulina Rios, Yes Prep

The Wonderworks program has really been a wonderful experience. Stranger Than Fiction has helped me open my mind to new ideas and new styles of writing. Over the course of the summer, we have openly discussed many topics and figured out ways to take ideas from podcasts and films and incorporate those into our writing. Stranger Than Fiction is perfect for anyone interested in pursuing a career in journalism or creative writing—or for anyone who simply wants to fill up their summer. I was introduced to so many new films that I probably would have never seen if it wasn’t for this program, and I can honestly say that I have added some of them to my favorites.

Dulce Soto, Cypress Springs High School

The Stranger Than Fiction summer writing workshop has not only helped my critical reading and watching skills, it has also exposed me to the workings of a college campus. My writing instructor, Will Donnelly, was so charismatic and philosophical it ensured a lively discussion every day. Without this program, my skills would not have been polished this summer and for that I am very thankful.

Briana Rivera, Chinquapin School


Wonderworks gave me an opportunity to expand my abilities in writing and reading. I now have an interest in reading articles, essays, and any other writing. Before, I was more interested in the field of math, but now thanks to Wonderworks I enjoy literature and “all things considered.” Another way that Wonderworks has affected my life is by forcing me to examine the world around me, from the nineteenth century to today’s news, media, and politics.

David Chitica, Pasadena High School

All Things Considered couldn’t be more of a perfect choice for me! In this summer before I head into my senior year I really wanted to, if not perfect, at least improve my writing and reading skills and thanks to Zach and Wonderworks my goal was accomplished. I am one hundred percent sure that in these five weeks my writing improved and I know that my interest in reading most certainly also improved.

Maricarmen Medina, Pasadena High School

To be quite frank, I was giving up on educational systems in general. Wonderworks revived my faith in the concept of being able to learn in a formal school setting. Unlike high school, actual learning and analytical/insightful conversations take place in class. I now see that regular school is really just a series of twelve tribulations that one must persevere through in order to obtain the fulfilling trophy that college offers: true learning, knowledge.

Luis Rincon, Reagan High School

Wonderworks supplies a stimulating and exciting educational experience. Always invigorating, never boring, this class has dramatically altered the way I think about school, and restored my previously ravaged, dwindling faith in our educational system. The informal setting allows for the free expression and transformation of information and ideas, leading one to new intellectual heights.

Samuel Rhodes, High School for the Performing and Visual Arts

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