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This is my second time in the program. It’s an amazing experience that anyone would enjoy. You get to learn so much about architecture. Each project is different and the way you get your head full of ideas is cool. I think what people love the most would have to be the field trips. You get to visit new places, new buildings and old buildings. You see so many things.

Kimberly (Carl Wunsche Senior High School)

I had never done any architecture before, so now I know what it’s like. I think it’s important to explore career options so that one knows what to study in college. I enjoyed this program and it was a good balance between lectures, studio time, and field trips. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in architecture or anyone looking for a career option, regardless of their experience in architecture.

Madeline (Bellaire High School)

During the program, I spent my time in the architecture building of UH and now I spend each day on this campus as a full-time student funded by scholarships! As a first-generation student, experiencing a summer on an actual university campus gave me the utmost confidence that I could, in reality, attend a university as well. Moving forward, the trips scheduled into our program gave me an eye-opening realization. I still remember each one clearly, including the visit to the firm that designed the Children’s Museum (meeting Jeff Ryan, the architect behind its creation, was even more mind boggling). Experiencing all the outside of Houston trips, such as the Dallas Museum of Art and the rest of the fascinating landmarks, has provided me with a great deal of knowledge about art and creativity. I often find myself visiting these cities with my own friends and family and taking them to explore the same stops the program took me and providing them with tour information as well.

Altogether, Wonderworks helped raise my education in regard to art and architecture which I would not have received in a normal high school classroom. Nor would I have spent time on a  university campus, raising my overall confidence.

Arlette (Quest Early College High School)

I’m currently going to school at the University of Texas as a second-year undergrad architecture major. For me the program was beneficial because I was able to get familiar with the studio setting and learn how to analyze architecture from the perspective of a designer, which is a skill I didn’t have before. Our very first studio assignment was actually the same as the first assignment of the Wonderworks program (making a composition with a black line, rectangle, and square on a white piece of square paper). I liked how I was able to get a feel for what architecture school would be like before committing to it entirely. It was also nice to have some background knowledge on important works prior to entering school, because I could quickly connect them to my assignments and reference them in discussions. Given that I knew next to nothing about architecture before doing the program I am glad that I was able to have that advantage.

Ania (Westside High School)

To me, architecture is the most tangible way to express myself in the real world, but I never really knew what it meant until I attended a five-week architecture and design program that consisted of lectures, projects, and field trips.  My first day in this program was essentially like being thrown into a tornado. Nothing was clear, and all I saw was a huge working space, a parallel bar, a triangular shaped tool, rulers with ambiguous scales, and an X-ACTO knife. This huge cloud of confusion slowly moved further and further away from my head as I went through more lectures, critique sessions, and field trips. These five weeks were full of nothing but constant trial and error. From throwing out initial floor plans to reshaping study models to starting a project over entirely, nothing was without failure. On paper, measurements may have worked, but when building a model I found myself constantly making changes and ending up with an entirely different idea than before. Often, I would build a model and have concepts pointed out by my teachers I never saw before. For example, my aviary with a hexagonal base had six sections that wound up splitting up the public and private areas in addition to allowing connection of the aviary with every other part of the building. All of these small things came together with the simple process of trial and error.

By undergoing this program, I not only bettered my understanding of architecture but also realized that I cannot see myself in any other career. I could not imagine my college experience without long hours in a studio, glue all over my hands, and blueprints upon blueprints, and this is what I seek at UT Austin.

Sara (Bellaire High School)

I am currently attending Texas A&M for my freshman year and I am majoring in Environmental Design. Wonderworks really did help because it made me aware that it was something I was going to do for the rest of my life. It expanded my knowledge of buildings and it made me more creative. Going on those field trips was just incredible because of the experience I gathered. Overall, the program itself was very exciting and I got to meet new people who had the same passion. This is a program I recommend to anyone that wants to be an architecture; I think it’s a great experience and boost to start an architecture career. 

Carmen (Westside High School)


It has always been fun watching movies but now I’ve had a chance to learn how movies are made and to analyze them shot by shot. Now I know about operating cameras, sounds, and editing programs, which I did not know before. It has been an amazing and fun experience. I wish everyone could have the same opportunity.

Norberto (Lee High School)

I had a really wonderful time at Wonderworks’ Moving Pictures program. I had the privilege to meet extraordinary people and learn from my peers. The workshop not only helped me learn new and exciting things but also enlightened me on the difficulty of filmmaking. I have found a new respect for filmmakers and everyone that is involved in the strenuous process. Thank you for an experience I will never forget and i hope to see you all next year.

Lauren (Carnegie Vanguard High School)

I am currently attending the University of North Texas and am in the Media Arts Major intending to become a movie editor. Wonderworks influenced my path greatly because it showed me the beauty and skill behind filmmaking. It has influenced my career choice greatly and sparked my passion in the art of filmmaking. I would not be doing what I am today if it weren’t for this program and great instructors.

Dylan (Westside High School)


Stranger Than Fiction showed me how much I want to pursue a career in journalism. During the course of this class, I was able to interact with other people with interests similar to mine, and was exposed to movies based on events that sparked incredible discussions in class. Not only did this class teach me techniques to use in my writing, but it also broadened my mind to topics not always spoken about. If I had to choose again, I would most definitely choose Stranger Than Fiction!

Paulina (Yes Prep)

The Wonderworks program has really been a wonderful experience. Stranger Than Fiction has helped me open my mind to new ideas and new styles of writing. Over the course of the summer, we have openly discussed many topics and figured out ways to take ideas from podcasts and films and incorporate those into our own writing. Stranger Than Fiction is perfect for anyone interested in pursuing a career in journalism or creative writing—or for anyone who simply wants to fill up their summer. I was introduced to so many new films that I probably would have never seen if it weren’t for this program, and I can honestly say that I have added some of them to my favorites.

Dulce (Cypress Springs High School)

The Stranger Than Fiction summer workshop has not only helped my critical reading and watching skills, it has also exposed me to the workings of a college campus. My writing instructor, Will Donnelly, was so charismatic and philosophical it ensured a lively discussion every day. Without this program, my skills would not have been polished this summer and for that I am very thankful.

Briana (Chinquapin School)


It was a true blessing indeed. I learned to appreciate different styles of writing and ultimately the power of words to illustrate and create. Story Lines taught me to deconstruct and analyze literature which was essential to my learning during my senior year of high school. I also learned about and admired authors like Eudora Welty and Franz Kafka. Story Lines definitely showed me that there are no limits in literature, you can run free so long as your imagination continues to run. Thus, as my imagination continues on its race toward freedom, I join it alongside passion and a yearning for knowledge. I will attend the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English and Mass Communications in 2022. 

Thank you for all of what you do for students associated with Wonderworks! You are changing lives for the sake of a future filled with beaming intellectuals who will one day trace back their beginnings to a simple summer program that instilled in them an understanding of the power of education and knowledge. 

Adalia (Idea College Preparatory Weslaco)

As I reflect back, I can’t begin to express how meaningful Story Lines has been in my life. I’ve begun to notice the nuances I would never have been able to catch on my own. Story Lines was a second home for those 5 weeks. I can’t believe how fast those weeks flew by, but by the time I hugged my friends and you both goodbye, the magnitude of it all finally hit me: I’m leaving behind a family, almost.

Gosh, thank you. thank you for being such engaging and outgoing teachers. Your unique personalities meshed so easily and it was never, ever a dull moment. In fact, I was too often instantly inspired by what we read, discussed, wrote, and even debated about, that it all felt so comfortable. You both taught me so much about the kind of college setting I wanted and maybe, what I personally wanted: close-knit conversations about something I’m passionate about with people I would grow to quickly consider as my family.

Thank you for taking time to help me with my Smith fly-in essays and ultimately, with your support, I was accepted!… and cannot wait to see what awaits me at Smith or what Smith will be awaiting from me.

Dieungoc (Debakey High School)

I wanted to thank both of you for expanding my knowledge of literature. I feel more prepared. The first day of school, in my creative writing class (1st period), we talked about Edgar Allan Poe. Just imagine me, taking out my metaphorical notebook, scanning the Edgar Allan Poe section, pointing to ‘The Purloined Letter’. It was amazing! all of this was because of you guys. I would thank myself for choosing Story Lines, but I have to give you points for this. Thank you for introducing us to many different authors and producers. The movies we watched, amazing! The language and fashion of old movies, the humor and sorrow got to me. THANKS! I appreciate the time I had with you guys and the new friends I made. I know what I learned will not go to waste, I guarantee that. 

Gricelda (Yes Prep Southwest)


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